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article image"Letter from the Editor"
By Eric Landry

One of my favorite preachers once illustrated our misunderstanding of heaven by comparing how we usually think of heaven (something akin to a Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercial) to how the Bible talks about heaven (something more like the exuberant joy of a Jewish wedding). Read More

article image"The Need for Heaven"
By Michael S. Horton, Scott Swain, and Michael Wittmer

Jesus compared the kingdom of heaven to a vineyard, a mustard seed, virgins, a king who held a wedding feast, and a master who left his home. Read More

article image"Imagining God's City : Narnia and the New Jerusalem"
By Rick Ritchie

A compelling imaginative portrayal of humanity's final state can soften Christianity's most hostile critics. We often make the mistake of thinking that the most hard-boiled atheist's arguments against Christianity are all exclusively intellectual. Or we rush to accuse the non-believer of avoiding Christianity for moral reasons. While we cannot ignore these aspects of the question, we often neglect another side. Read More

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