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article image"In This Issue"
By Eric Landry

Southern Baptists speaking in tongues. Presbyterians attending healing crusades. The old divides between charismatics and cessationists seem to be breaking down. C. Read More

article image"Christ's Gifts of the Spirit"
By Nicholas T. Batzig

Anyone who reads the New Testament—wishing to interpret it accurately in its historical context—must first acknowledge that these were no ordinary times. Read More

article image"The Spirit of Christ and the Apostolic Age"
By Brian J. Lee

Christ's promise to be with his church until the end of the age—delivered on the eve of his departure—is one of those gospel promises that comes wrapped in a riddle. Once the riddle is understood, it no longer obscures the truth but rather reveals it all the more profoundly. The profound truth revealed by this riddle is that Christ is more truly present with his church by his Spirit than he ever was while he walked the earth. Read More

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