Submissions for 2013

We want YOU to write for Modern Reformation.

Feature themes will vary from issue to issue in 2013, but we are looking for submissions in two areas: articles and book reviews.


Modern Reformation is looking for laypeople, pastors, and scholars to send us articles for publication. The best articles will be those that combine careful interaction with the Bible, theological reflection, and penetrating insight into a current issue or problem facing the church.

Articles should be no longer than 1,800 words in length. Submissions are reviewed on a rolling periodical basis.

Please send a cover letter with your article describing yourself, your interest in the topic, and your church affiliation.

Send articles by e-mail to, or you may mail a hard copy to:

Modern Reformation
Attn: Editor
1725 Bear Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA 92027


Articles sent to Modern Reformation become the magazine's property. If we decide to publish the article, we will send you a writer's agreement and the article will go through several levels of editing. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Book Reviews

Types of Reviews:

  • Feature Review (900 words) – a full, comprehensive book review
  • Short Notice (300  words) – an abbreviated but nonetheless comprehensive review (get to the point!)
  • Brief Mention (50 words) – note the general theme and the book's importance
We aim to achieve a balance of lay and academic titles relevant to theology, the church, preaching, Bible interpretation, cultural analysis, devotional life, and history.


Purpose of an MR Book Review?
A good review will meet four basic criteria:

  • Book publication date no earlier than two years ago (be sure to include full bibliographical details about the book, including author, title, publisher, publication date, number of pages, and price).
  • It will inform readers who have limited reading time (in other words, all readers) of both the existence of a new book and its intent and argument.
  • It aims to leave its readers with some fresh theological insight.
  • It evaluates the book from the perspective of Reformation theological categories.

Please send a cover letter with your review that describes yourself, your interest in the topic, and your church affiliation.

Send reviews by e-mail to, or you may mail a hard copy to:

Modern Reformation
Attn: Editor
1725 Bear Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA 92027


We want our content to stimulate genuine biblical thinking and to have some lasting theological effects. This could mean, for example, detailing some challenge facing the church today, or illuminating a portion of a book you read recently, or doing a little theological and biblical work yourself. It is our goal to put into practice Reformation-minded engagement with contemporary evangelicalism.

Please join the conversation!

Who publishes and reads MR?
Modern Reformation magazine celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012! It is published by White Horse Inn, which also produces The White Horse Inn radio broadcast, a nationally syndicated program. The magazine publishes six issues a year and exists to create a conversation at the intersection of the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation and contemporary American evangelicalism. Our goal is to be the voice of record for confessing evangelicals, speaking for them and to them about the people, ideas, movements, and news that matter most. The magazine's readership reflects a broad spectrum of Christians of Reformed, Lutheran, Anglican, Congregationalist, Methodist, and Baptist denominations in the United States and abroad. Many of our readers self-identify as evangelical. Modern Reformation is aimed primarily at the thoughtful layperson. While we are not a journal, we hope that pastors and professors will also read our reviews and benefit.

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