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Looking back to its humble beginnings as a bulletin produced in the dorm room of founding editor, Dr. Michael Horton, Modern Reformation is proud that it now has a nearly thirty-year legacy of providing thinking Christians with thoughtful resources. Looking forward, we are excited to continue and enrich that legacy.

Literary works have always played an important role for Christians, as each takes their place in the community of disciples of Christ and followers of God. Among other things, literature has served in the Christian tradition for instruction, for dialogue, for preservation of the faith, for traditioning, and for pleasure. It has therefore been essential in the practice of discipleship, in the generational transmission of the faith once for all delivered to the saints, in the proclamation of the good news. More broadly, it has been central in the work of constructing and preserving culture.

MR remains committed to that Christian literary tradition.

MR is primarily a theological magazine. Rather than thinking of theology as a narrowly defined academic field of inquiry, or as those few topics that concern the beliefs and practices of church-goers, we think of theology as that which gives a unifying reference to all of the various human fields of inquiry. And that means that MR is not simply a theological magazine, but a theological magazine for engaging in the public, intellectual life of our culture.

Using print and digital media, MR aims to start, change, and shape conversations with astute, insightful, and timely articles, reviews, works of literature, and poetry. Toward that end, then, we invite you to join the conversation!

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