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Modern Reformation is a theological magazine for engaging the intellectual life of culture. We want to see a modern reformation in our churches. And so, using print and digital media, we labor toward that end.

The way in which we have engaged, as our readers well know, has been very intentional. We aim at theological thinking, a rich sort of thinking which involves several characteristics. It involves theological retrieval, whereby we learn to listen to the wisdom of the past (Ps. 78:1-4; Heb. 13:7). It involves theological conversation, where we consider, probe, examine from varying perspectives in order to prove what is excellent and grow in our discernment (Prov. 11:4; 18:17; Phil. 1:10). It involves theological engagement with the goodness, the perplexities, the agonies of our time and place (Jude 3 and Matt. 5:13ff). We have sought to persuade readers that the truths of the Christian faith, and the particular insights of the confessional reformation traditions, matter greatly.

Over thirty years ago Modern Reformation began as a little bulletin, produced from the dorm room of founding editor, Michael Horton. Along with the original members of CURE ( Christians United for Reformation), Dr. Horton began providing resources to aid the American church in recovering and proclaiming the gospel, aptly summarized in the five solas of the Reformation. That is, they wanted to see a modern reformation. 

In January of 1992, the bulletin was upgraded to a magazine and given the name Modern Reformation. Those early issues consisted of a handful of articles, mostly on the intersection of theology and culture. In the Jul/Aug 1994 issue (vol. 3, iss. 4), Michael Horton wrote the first “In This Issue” for MR and set its enduring intention. Lamenting that both popular culture and Evangelicalism had pushed aside attentive and careful consideration of God, seeking instead entertainment, amusement, and fun, “So in this issue,” Dr. Horton responded, “we will be raising thinking to the top of the agenda.”

For thirty years now, thinking theologically has been at the top of MR’s agenda. And as we look toward the future, there it firmly remains.

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