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As you already know, understanding the truths of Scripture can be a major turning point in life. In 2019, we are diving into a year-long study of the Gospel of John. Next year, every issue will grapple with life changing questions such as, “How do we know John’s Gospel is a reliable historical record?,” “Did Jesus ever claim to be God?,” and “What does it mean to be ‘born again?’”

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For more than 25 years, our magazine has brought together representatives from across the Reformation spectrum to help readers think critically about their faith, and to answer some of the most challenging questions we face as Christians in the modern world. A gift subscription to Modern Reformation is more than a magazine delivered to your friend’s mailbox every other month. It’s also a generous investment in their relationship with God. Every gift of Modern Reformation includes 6 thought-provoking issues, along with FREE ACCESS to our entire 26-year archive, all for one low price! You can also take advantage of this same great rate for yourself.

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The articles in the Modern Reformation magazine are useful and written in manner to instruct people from broad educational backgrounds. I find the both the White Horse Inn and Modern Reformation magazine cover current topics affecting the universal church in our day. The White Horse Inn, Modern Reformation magazine, and the resources offered on the website are one-stop shopping for reliable, informative and sound teaching in the Reformed Faith.