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Modern Reformation: Thinking Theologically

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  • Earthly Power and the Christian
    Volume 30, Issue 6

    Can Christians inhabit a different kind of posture for public engagement?

  • Church & Community in a Fragmented World
    Volume 30, Issue 5

    "...because God is, tragedy for the Christian is not. Indeed, the center cannot give way."

  • The Theological Mind
    Volume 30, Issue 4

    "The theological mind aims at that balance of learning and living, truth and love."

  • Beauty, Goodness, and Art
    Volume 30, Issue 3

    "...our contemplation of beauty manifest in art isn't simply our contemplation of a form of entertainment--there's something richly theological about it."

  • Human Nature
    Volume 30, Issue 2

    "Who we are can be answered only by reference to the one who is and who, from the fullness of his love, gives so that creatures may be."

  • Literature and the Christian Life
    Volume 30, Issue 1

    "good stories always...reflect the pattern of the Biblical narrative..."



  • Life in His Name
    Volume 28, Issue 6

    How will his disciples engage him, what will he do with them, and what purpose does it all serve?

  • Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted
    Volume 28, Issue 5

    Jesus now lives and reigns at the right hand of the Father, still bearing...the marks of his suffering and death.

  • Jesus, Our High Priest
    Volume 28, Issue 4

    Jesus...faithfully fulfills his priestly ministry—right up until the moment he becomes the sacrifice.

  • Jesus: The Great I Am
    Volume 28, Issue 3

    "The wonder of John's Gospel is that this unknown and inaccessible deity has drawn near in the person and work of Jesus of Nazareth."

  • The Ministry of Jesus
    Volume 28, Issue 2

    "Signs. Authority. Conflict. Each theme gives us an interesting angle to explore our own understanding of Jesus."

  • Gospel of John: History or Fan Fiction?
    Volume 28, Issue 1

    "John is so different from the other three gospels.... while the synoptic gospels can be studied together, John demands special attention."


  • Prayer
    Volume 27, Issue 6

    "The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working."

  • All the Feels: The Bible and Emotions
    Volume 27, Issue 5

    "When we fix our eyes on Jesus, we see a variety of emotions that perfectly reflect his Father."

  • The Summer Reading Issue
    Volume 27, Issue 4

    "Narrow reading makes the world itself narrow. Broad reading reminds us that the world is enormous."

  • The Holy Spirit
    Volume 27, Issue 3

    "We can rediscover the Holy Spirit as he strides across the pages of the Bible."

  • The Crucifixion
    Volume 27, Issue 2

    "God saves" is the theme of the Bible.

  • Eastern Orthodoxy
    Volume 27, Issue 1

    Is it possible Orthodoxy has turned from the sufficiency of Christ to the shadows of the law?


  • Pilgrim's Problems
    Volume 26, Issue 6

    This issue is intended to show us that there is truly nothing new under the sun and that the resources we need for our pilgrimage have already been given to us by Christ himself.

  • Reformation 500
    Volume 26, Issue 5

    Our prayer with this issue is that you will have a clear-eyed vision of what really happened during the Reformation and what must happen in the years to come if we are to be faithful to the work of our forefathers in the faith.

  • True Faith
    Volume 26, Issue 4

    In this issue of Modern Reformation, we assert that it is possible to know the truth: about God, about this world, even about yourself.

  • Creed or Chaos?
    Volume 26, Issue 3

    A creed or confession is more than a statement of faith. It goes into greater detail on key Christian doctrines, and it functions as a sort of constitution of the church.

  • Born Bad?
    Volume 26, Issue 2

    Our original sin no longer drives us to madness but into the arms of our Savior, who invites us to come confidently before his throne, where we can receive mercy for our rebellion and grace to help us in time of need.

  • Finding Yourself in God's Story
    Volume 26, Issue 1

    God has not only revealed himself in his word but also in history; not only does he speak to us, but he also acts for us in space and time, where we can see his mighty hand.


  • The Incarnation
    Volume 25, Issue 6

    In Jesus, God has retold all of our stories: Jesus is the second Adam, the true Israel, the faithful Son, and in him our lives find meaning and fulfillment.

  • Heaven
    Volume 25, Issue 5

    Just as Dante’s Inferno has shaped the popular imagination of hell, apart from the limited information available to us in the Bible about eternal suffering, so also popular culture has helped shape our conceptions of heaven.

  • The Great Exchange
    Volume 25, Issue 4
  • The Ascension
    Volume 25, Issue 3
  • The Resurrection
    Volume 25, Issue 2
  • The Story of God's People
    Volume 25, Issue 1